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10 Pcs Fishing Wire Leader Trace with Snap & Beads & 2 Arms


I prefer floats like this one on my catfish rigs

Expert Catfish Rigs: The Quick-Change Advantage
Simple rigs are one thing—easy to tie and replace. Expert catfish rigs, however, can be simplified by using certain interchangeable parts. Most veteran anglers carry spare rigs and replacement parts, keeping everything within arm’s reach. Snagged and lost rigs happen everywhere, but time spent retying can be reduced. It’s one of the chief lessons I’ve taken from champion tournament anglers Phil King and John Jamison.

There are a lot of carp fishing rigs to choose from but the best beginner is a simple fish finder rig or inline lead type rig. The simple inline lead rigs are very sensitive, they are easy to tie and the require very little stuff to buy. I have caught a lot of carp on this “beginner” rig and I still use it a lot today.

Slip clips are essential for fish finder rigs.

Floating Bead Traces Reef Fishing Ledger Rigs

If you are into surf casting, kites, use a kontiki or longline then you must try the floating trace system.

Floating fishing rig

The ledger rig is great for hapuku and a reef fishing rig which can be fished directly from a rod, or like a longline.

Deepwater fishing Rig

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The Alabama rig is one of the most popular fishing rigs on the bass fishing circuit. Its inventor, Andy Poss, came up with the idea after watching a tuna chase after a school of sardines in a documentary....

Not all spin fishing situations require rods of this caliber. Take slip bobber fishing, for example. The rod’s primary function when fishing bobbers is casting, not detecting strikes. It simply isn’t necessary or advisable to use an expensive high modulus rod when fishing floats. The same is true when trolling, casting crankbaits, pier fishing bottom rigs or dead sticking a floating jighead for walleye. For these fishing presentations, a moderately priced 40-50 million modulus graphite rod becomes a more practical option.