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KastKing Rack 'em Up 24 Fishing Rods Holder Portable Aluminum Rack


High quality, durable fishing rod storage racks.

Proceed along the stud, lining up the edge of each J-hook with the lines drawn every 8 inches, and nail the hooks to the stud back to back. There’s no need to drill pilot holes for these middle hooks, as the wood will not split in the middle of the stud. When you get to the right end hook, drill two pilot holes like you did for the left end and install the right end J-hook. You have finished one of the fishing rod storage racks!

Store-Bought Racks
There are many types of ready-made fishing rod storage racks. Some store rods vertically, or on rolling racks, which only works if your rods are shorter than your ceiling height. Since I am an avid saltwater fisherman, a surfcaster, and I have a few fly rods too, that doesn’t work for me. There are other racks that store rods horizontally on walls or ceilings, which is much more to my liking. The issue with most of those horizontal racks is that they only store 6 to 10 rods, so you have to buy multiples to store the rod collection of an avid fisherman. Then, there’s the cost. Commercial rod storage solutions can be expensive, depending on what they are made from and how pretty they are. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think many of us are storing our rods in a place where they need to be displayed on stands made of stained oak, mahogany, teak, or stainless steel. We just need something that does the job effectively.

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Secure up to 10 freshwater, saltwater, or fly-fishing rods with the reel still attached.
Mounting Options
Overhead, Vertical, or Horizontal - capable of mounting to a ceiling or a wall, at any angle.
Maintenance Free
No corrosion here. Hot and Cold climates have no impact on these racks.
Module Design
Allows multiple units to be placed next to each other, keeping your rods in a linear formation and providing unlimited fishing rod storage capacity.
Solid - injection molded unit made of ABS plastic, 1/4" thick! The 90 degree bend at the top makes these racks very sturdy and allows it to be mounted to virtually any flat surface!

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