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Diamond Valley is nicknamed the "Jewel" and it lives up to that title every single day its open by producing the most consistently great bass fishing in Southern California. 5 to 7 pound bass are common here, and teen sized bass are showing themselves more and more at DVL. It is also the largest lake in Southern California, so there is plenty of fishing room, unlike many of the other local reservoirs.

Taking a little break from tuna fishing in Southern California, bass pro decided to pursue another challenge. This one is certainly more difficult than landing 100-pound tuna.

Bass Fishing Southern California

Creek Fishing in Southern California

Fishing in Southern California, you never know when you'll find the fish of a lifetime on the end of your line. Because of that, I don't trust just any tackle in my client's hands.

Yellowtail – Maybe the most prized gamefish in southern California waters this hard fighting member of the jack family will not disappoint. Caught year round at the islands of Los Angeles, and seasonally along the coastal waters. 10-20 pound specimens are common and up to 40 pounds possible.