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SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun, 65 cm


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GBRMPA field management director Richard Quincey said the most common offences were zoning breaches by recreational fishers.
“Most of the recreational fishing offences relate to line fishing and spearfishing in marine national park zones, known as green zones,” Mr Quincey said. “In response, we’ve increased compliance patrols from the air, land and sea during high-risk periods, resulting in a large number of detections of illegal fishing activity.”

In this setup, the most common, the speargun is attached to the shaft by a line. The line is usually a heavy monofilament (300-400 lb test), spectra, or other spectra-like material (braided line) with 400-600+lb rating. The line wraps around the bottom or side of the gun upon loading and releases via a mechanical release or tension release to allow the line to travel with the spear after firing. There are typically two different methods of connecting the line to the spear shaft, either a slide ring that travels up and down the shaft to machined stopping points or via a hole drilled through some portion of the shaft (usually the rear). This is the most common method for taking fish by speargun and the majority of the other types of setups use the mentioned connection options to the shaft. Some newer setups offer an option to quickly attach line to, or disconnect from, a shaft making for a line or free shaft option on a single speargun.

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    There are references to fishing with spears in ancient literature; though, in most cases, the descriptions do not go into detail. An early example from the is in : .