Deep Sea Fishing in the Texas Gulf Coast

Fishing the Texas Gulf Coast: An Angler's Guide To More Than 100 Great Places To Fish


Kayak Fishing In The Texas Gulf Coast

The Texas Gulf Coast is headquarters for world-class Texas fishing. Some of the finest fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast can be found in Port Aransas. You can choose from bay and offshore fishing, or the jetties provide an ideal location for Port Aransas fishing. Your catch may include such species as trout, redfish, flounder, red snapper, tuna, marlin or shark. Come to Port Aransas, and let one of our areas Texas fishing guides or party boats help make your fishing vacation a trip to remember.

The Middle Gulf Coast area is also referred to as the Coastal Bend. This section of the Gulf Coast continues on a southwest line from south of Matagorda Bay through San Antonio Bay, Copano Bay, the Port Aransas area, then turns south through Corpus Christi Bay, Baffin Bay, and the Upper Laguna Madre. The saltwater fishing guides in this area enjoy some of the best fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast.

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I ordered my copy of this book direct from David J. Sams and spoke with him on the phone about this book before I bought it. I was familiar with the works of David J. Sams from his photographs in “Flyfishing the Texas Coast: Back Country Flats to Blue Water” by Chuck Scates and Phil H. Brown. As an avid angler fishing the Texas Gulf Coast almost every weekend and a lifetime of traveling the Gulf Coast from Texas to Biloxi Mississippi to Panama City Beach Florida, this book brings back vivid memories of the beauty of the coast. The brilliant colors and composition of David’s photographs engulf your visual senses creating longings to return to the coast. Photographs of the people, places, and activities of those who reside along the coast bring back memories of some of the more interesting people I have met in my life. The warm, relaxed lifestyle of the Gulf Coast has allowed the creation of a breed of characters not found anywhere else in the US. Whether your passion with the Gulf Coast is fishing, kayaking, sailing, or just sunning yourself, you will find memories captured through the camera lens by David J. Sams. Every picture is bright and vivid. Your dreams will only be limited by your imagination as you view the photos in this book.

Your party will leave the dock around 6:00 am and be on your way offshore to some of the finest deep sea fishing on theTexas gulf coast. Chances are you'll begin catching fish within the first hour . You will be assisted in the use of the supplied tackle. And be ready to see porpoises, flying fish, spectacular sunrise,offshore oil platforms,and all kind of Birds, Dont forget the varied fish species. Ladies there is no better place to get a tan! Your party will return to the dock around 6:00 pm. Your fish will be processed and put in zip lock bag's and are in a ready to cook condition when you get home.