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Jimmy Mason: Tricks for Fishing Umbrella Rigs in Heavy Cover

Whether we’re throwing a crankbait, spinnerbait or an umbrella rig, so many of us get into “zombie mode” when we’re using reaction baits. When you fish for a few hours without many bites, it can get tempting to stare off into space—it happens to everyone. Chandler advises against this, as he believes fishing an umbrella rig is a big mental commitment.

The stutter step with a crankbait, a spinnerbait and even a topwater can prove deadly. Guess what? It works well with umbrella rigs too. Try to envision what the bass sees when you fish an umbrella rig. Five little shad go easing by, so he decides to follow it slowly behind. Not sure if he really wants to run it down. Then for no reason all the shad just sort of stop and collide and act frantic for a split second, then take off again. It's the trigger that fish needed to push him over the top.

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  • Jenko Fishing J-Pod Umbrella Rig

    Bass fishing with umbrella rigs is incredibly effective, especially in cold water. Unfortunately, bass aren’t the only things umbrella rigs catch. Trees, brush piles and rocks are all fair game for the 3 to 5 hooks dangling off of your multi-wire rig.