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How to Catch Black Crappie Fishing with Live Bait

Sailfish action will be at peak for the next few weeks but it is still largely weather driven. Cold weather really bunches the fish up where you can actually target the fish with live bait. Threadfins, sardines, little runners, if you got ‘em smoke ‘em! Cobia and sharks will be in the neighborhood as well as kingfish. Most skippers elect to troll at least to begin with, perhaps switching over once something promising is located. Gag grouper will be eating live baits as spawning season arrives.

Hook placement is one key to success when fishing with live bait. Knowing where to hook the bait in multiple places for different situations can make a day. Always observe the area you are fishing before rigging your bait. Ask yourself these questions. Is there bait around? If so, what are they doing? Are they schooled on top or marking on the fishfinder down low? What is the tide or current doing? Take a mental note of the answers to these questions, because they should play a major role in helping you decide how to hook your bait.

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  1. The Fishing Rod: Parts & Terms
  2. The Fishing Reel: Types of Fishing Reels
  3. Terminal Tackle: All the Stuff on the Other End Your Rod
  4. Fishing With Live Bait
  5. Fishing With Prepared Baits
  6. Types of Fishing Lures
  7. Fish Anatomy
  8. Understanding Fish Senses
  9. Which Rod and Reel Should I Buy? – Your First Fishing Rod & Reel
  10. Two Knots You Absolutely Need to Know
  11. How to Assemble a Spinning Reel and Rod
  12. How to Load Line on a Spinning Reel
  13. How to Set the Drag on a Spinning Reel
  14. How to Cast Your Spinning Rod
  15. How to Find Fish
  16. How to Play and Land a Fish
  17. How to Keep and Clean Your Fish

Learn the live bait fishing regulations in your area

If you don't really care what you catch when fishing with live bait but are just seeking to have a relaxing day catching whatever decides to take your bait, just about any old rod and reel will do for fishing with live bait. However, If you're targeting smallmouth and largemouth bass you should use "specialized tackle" matching it to the size and fighting spunk of your target.

I consider this to be a minor disadvantage of fishing with live bait. Many buy the live bait they use, as I do sometimes. I like to trade with the local bait shops so they will hopefully stay in business. By the way, it's very important we all support our small, local bait and tackle shops. Nothing against the big guys, I trade with them too. Both big and small have their place and value to bass fishermen.