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Here is where the Vexilar FL-10 three-color flasher and fish finder excels. If you have fished deep grass or milfoil beds, you know what I'm talking about here. A standard liquid crystal might show your boat in 5 or 6 feet of water, but actually you are in 12, with 6 feet of weeds. Using a Vexilar Flasher is the unfair advantage for many Texas anglers who have discovered how to find pockets in the canopy of vegetation for flipping jigs. The three-color design of the Vexilar allows the angler to better understand where the open pockets will be, and in some situations, it is not on the bottom. This view clearly shows the top of the weeds in green. Green signals are the weakest and can be used to identify weeds or even small fish targets on the outer edge of the transducer cone. As targets get stronger, they turn to orange and then to red that shows, in this case, bottom. Some of the superdeep grass anglers of West Texas can actually see red targets of bass in the deep weeds that might run down to 30 feet.

The ICE 45 Ice Fishing Flasher Fishfinder uses a 3-color fiber optic flasher with a center dial LCD display engineered for peak performance in temperatures as cold as -20°F. The LCD includes digital depth and allows the flasher to automatically adjust the depth scale, eliminating the guesswork and estimation of depth scale overlays.

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    Lowrance System 2000 DUAL RANGE Sonar Flasher DEPTH FISH FINDER #2260 Works great, could use some surface cleaning where its been in storage for awhile.
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    He knows how to find the fish, and he knows the features he wants in a flasher fishfinder. So he took the already-great FL-12 and made it his own.

    Vexilar FL - 10 Flasher Fishfinder, PRICED LESS! No-guesswork fishfinding with a large digital display that fits in your dash / bow console! Included transducer can be mounted in-hull, to the transom, or on your trolling motor; Ranges of 0-20', 0-40', and 200'; Distinguishes between large targets (f...