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Because most of our time on the water is usually spent in a pontoon or drift boat, prior to this field test, none of us had actually put much time in a float tube in the last few years. The design of these tubes is unique to Outcast and anyone that hasn’t spent time in one will probably come away as surprised as we were – the comfort and fun in fishing from these boats far surpassed our collective memory of float tube fishing. In particular, the Super Fat Cat is a jaw dropper – earning unanimous and overwhelming praise from all the testers.

Great post. I was thinking of getting a float tube for fishing around shore. Only thing is I cant swim - my biggest fear was getting caught in a current and pulled out deep i the lake. I mostly just fish in the Fall River area lakes like Rockey Lake, Powdermill, Kinsac ect... Should it be pretty stead if you stay close to shore?

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All Alaska Outdoors offers the unique experience of float tube fishing for Rainbow Trout, Grayling, or Arctic Char throughout wilderness forests or mountain lakes. No Crowds! Rainbows typically range 14 - 20 inches, Grayling average 12 - 20 inches and fishing is rated good to great. We provide your choice of G. Loomis light spinning or fly rods, lures and flies and float tubes and fins. You must have stocking-foot neoprene chest waders - these will keep you warm throughout your Alaska Adventures. All lakes are accessible by bush plane or a limited number of lakes are accessible by a moderate hike.
$400 p/p Float Tube Fly-Out 3-4 persons

$460 p/p Float Tube Fly-Out 2 persons

$275 p/p Float Tube Hike in - minimum 2 persons

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In an increasingly denatured world, fishing remains “one of the last ways the young learn the mystery and moral complexity of nature,” wrote Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods.” The float tube is a practical, affordable way to bring nature into the lives of urban youth — especially kids who grow up on asphalt, watch video games, text at dinner and go to bed amid sirens in the night. Float tube fishing opportunities abound in our East Bay lakes.

Paul Rockwell, a Montclair resident, is the former children’s librarian with the Albany Library. He is parent coordinator of Gone Tubin’, a float tube fishing club for youth.” For more information, contact .