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She said this in response of a message which went viral via the social media that formalin tainted fish had been found in the Putatan market.



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Formalin treated fishes found in this study are almost very common and best selling species to the consumers like Rohu, Catla, Chingri, Kachki etc. This means those fishes, which have more commercial demand in markets is preserved illegally with formalin by the fish traders. By this traders gets benefited to keep fishes fresh long time for sale.

Formalin is harmful to the human body. Although, formalin treated fishes found as very negligible amount in the daily trade consumption role but this news alarms us that the fish traders are trying to incorporate this harmful chemical in human food chain.

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Table 1: Status numbers of formalin affected fishes found in different fish markets of Dhaka city among total 800 samples

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Large formalin affected fishes were dominated by Indian major carps specially Rohu (). It was around 44% of the total formalin treated fishes found during the study. It was followed by Catla (22%) and Mrigel (6%), respectively. On the other hand for SIS species small shrimp, kachki, bele and others were found 6, 6, 2 and 4%, respectively ().

BANGLADESH - Bangladeshi scientists have recently invented a new method to detect formalin in fish within 30 seconds, local newspaper The Independent reported Friday.