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One of my fish has fungus, and I'm wondering how do I get rid of it? These are the two brands that I'm thinking about getting: Kordon rid fungus Fungus Guard Are these products any good? Or would you recommend something different? Sent from my iPhone using Fish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum...

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The Saprolegnia fungus infects fish (or its eggs), affecting its internal organs and deeper tissues. Symptoms include light gray, cottony growths on the skin, fins, gills, and eyes.

The fungus your fish probably has is called Saprolegnia, or SAP for short. SAP is a fungus that lives in most ponds (in low levels) and prefers cooler water. It is an opportunistic fungus, attacking decaying organisims (like uneaten fish food) and sick fish (sores, ragged fins, etc). It anchors in to the fish's skin and releases toxins which make the fish very sick. To treat it, I suggest the following: