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A Garmin fish-finder is an automatic sonar unit that is designed to help you find fish in a body of water. The fish-finder will show you a black-and-white picture of what is directly under the sonar unit beneath your boat at that moment, including the shapes of fish, rocks, seaweed, and the depth and temperature of the water. Learning how to use the Garmin fish-finder is based on understanding the buttons on the device. The fish-finder will save time and increase your catch by quickly putting you on fish.

The Garmin Fishfinder GPSMAP-521 basemap contains worldwide satellite images in place of traditional maps. The from Garmin also comes standard with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver for superior satellite tracking and quicker acquisition times. In addition, the Garmin GPSMAP can receive U.S. graphical weather data via optional GXM 51 Satellite Receiver/Antenna. And with an SD card slot, it's easy to add additional maps without connecting to a computer.

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Garmin fish finders are generally very popular among fishing enthusiasts because of their easy to mount and install features along with accurate readings and several additional advantages like depth readings etc. Moreover, the devices are considerably low priced as compared to similar devices from other brands. The Echo 200 fish finder comes in three variants, the only difference being in the size of the LCD display screen and the depth up to which it can give readings.