Stained Glass Angel Fish Suncatcher - Blue and Turquoise £10.00

Handcrafted MINIATURE HAND BLOWN GLASS Small Blue Crab FIGURINE Collection


Common Name: Phantom Glass Catfish, Ghost Fish, Ghost Catfish

This blue-yellow glass fish dances with the ocean current, letting the stream of life take her to places she's never been. Everyday, the seascape changes--everyday, the world is brand new. Take yourself on a journey. Purchase this amazing glass figurine and open yourself up to adventure today. L - 4.0" H - 4.0" W - 2.0"

This aqua glass angelfish nibbles at your fingertips as if to say hello. She swims round and round in excitement, eagerly waiting for pellets falling from the sky. If you enjoy taking care of fish, then you will love seeing this beautifully exotic glass figurine adorning your aquarium or just a shelf. L - 3.5" H - 3.0" W - 1.5"

Glass fish are native to South Asia.

Art Glass Fish Figurine - Blue And White Ribbon - 6" Tall - Paperweight

Glass fish are native to South Asia.

This glass fish with the arched tail has the graceful curves and sophistication of someone who has it all together. With its fins tipped in red, this handcrafted glass fish looks almost lilac under the aquarium lights. Purchase this for yourself or for friends and family who love aquatic wildlife.L - 4.5" H - 4.5" W - 2.0"

This exotic glass fish, the self-titled queen of the aquarium, has worn this look since the day she was born. Her fancy aqua specled body have been the envy of all. Imagine her surprise when three other fish that look exactly like her are dropped inside her home. Buy this for yourself or for your friend as a reminder to keep yourself grounded. The ocean...