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Curry Masala for Goan Fish Curry - 3.5oz by Parampara.


Goan Fish Curry with Puffy Indian Bread

Having had a busy week at work, my girlfriend decided she would try something new from my new curry book as a treat for me. We had some Salmon fillets in the fridge so she chose this goan fish curry for us. I had had a monkfish korai in recent weeks so I wanted to see how this compared as I don’t get to have many fish curries. I was seriously surprised at how well salmon goes with all the indian spices and coconut milk. I found it so much lighter than the monkfish and it didn’t leave us feeling over-full afterwards. I have to say this is definitely my favourite fish curry to date. There was nothing left in the pan afterwards. I’m already looking forward to having this again!

I just made this recipe this evening and my husband and I loved it!!! I've been dreaming about Goan fish curry since I moved out from home 6 years ago, where my Mother ( a Goan) cooked everything without a recipe. I now live 2100 kilometers away from her and have to fend for myself in the kitchen 😉 I've tried a couple of times with different recipes without success, until today! THANK YOU! I will be trying many more of your recipes in the very near future!
Allison Rodrigues from Halifax, Canada.

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This deep orangish red coconut curry from Goa will make a lasting impression. No matter where you go this Goan fish curry recipe is always part of my and countless Goan’s who live away from home, part of their heritage and gets passed down from generations to generations.

Almost the staple food of Goa along with rice, fish curry made in this style is tangy and spicy! Tuna tastes especially good in Goan Fish Curry but you can also use any fish with firm white flesh.