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The Head Strap/Hat Clip is an extremely popular GoPro fishing mount that lets you attach the camera to your head pointing directly out front. This attachment strap will let you always keep the GoPro pointed exactly where you are fishing, and it will turn with your head. Essentially, whatever your eyes are looking at, the camera will be looking at too.

When you are fishing with a partner, the Handler floating mount can be used as a hand-held extension that you can extend out with your arm. When you catch a fish, this mount allows your partner to pick up the camera to follow the action when you catch a fish. He can then move around you, and stick the camera underwater for an awesome perspective, all while you are free to fight the fish. The great thing about this GoPro fishing accessory is that it floats, so losing it when you attempt underwater fish shots is less of a concern.

Gopro bass fishing: two fish 10 lbs | Pond Fishing for Bass

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All of these GoPro fishing accessories are a big reason why GoPro cameras are the best action cams out there. So, if you are really into fishing, there is no better way to capture and share your experience than with a .

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and with the Gopro being the goto camera for fisherman here is a GoPro fishing kit we put together to help you out. 1. is a great accessory to keep handy. You can mount your GoPro to your painters pole and really get some great video/shots underwater. 2. will let you adapt pretty much any tripod to mount your GoPro. 3. is a must have to protect your gear and GoPro Accessories. 4. Suction Cup Extension Arm for GoPro gives your the ability to mount your GoPro any flat surface on your boat. The Kayalu features marine-grade materials and also comes with a RAM Mounts hardware and teather to prevent loss. 5. let’s you mount and your GoPro to railings and fishing poles and the extension lets you angle the GoPro where ever you want. 6. is great add on to really brighten up your shots and add depth and color, specially on those bright days. 7. because we have all had gear fall off the side of the boat.