Andaman Sea. Harpoon Fishing, Thailand.

KUFA Floatable Aluminum Harpoon with detachable head, Total length:70" HP-1


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With 55 Fishing and more Barbarian Training, members can use their own bare hands to capture fish! This is exactly like Harpoon fishing, but you will get some Strength XP as well. Take note that to do this; you must have a Strength level equivalent to the fishing level that is needed to normally catch this fish. For example, Tuna requires 55 Fishing and 35 Strength to capture.

There are two types of harpoons - the regular harpoon and the . Both harpoons catch fish at exactly the same rate, however the barb-tail harpoon can be wielded. Many players prefer the barb-tail harpoon as it saves an space.

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Harpoon unsuspecting fish from the comfort of your own boat.  Catch enough fish to qualify for the next level.  Purchase upgrades with the cash earned from your harpooning exploits.

Z and X Keys - Move the boat left and right
SPACE - Fire your harpoon
ENTER - Drop a depth charge (once you purchase this option)

Do you have what it takes to master Mad Mack's Harpoon Lagoon?  On the main screen, you have three choices.  You can either choose START FISHIN', RULES or TOP DOLLAR.  The START FISHIN' button will take you directly to the game.  Clicking on RULES will let you review the instructions and TOP DOLLAR will show you a list of high scores that have been recorded.

Once the game gets started, you can move your boat by using the Z and X keys.  You will quickly find out that purchasing an outboard motor will significantly speed up your boat.  Aim your harpoon with the LEFT and RIGHT cursor keys and then press SPACE to fire the harpoon.  The goal is for you to harpoon something that is valuable.  You can drop depth charges by pressing the ENTER key.  Once you spear some fish, you'll earn money that can be used in the shop to upgrade your gear.  Do not forget to keep an eye on the timer.  When time runs out, the round is over whether you earned enough money to reach the target goal or not.

There are a lot of upgrades that can be purchased in the shop with cash that you have earned.  You can purchase fish food to ensure that a lot of fish will swim by your boat, spinach to make you stronger (which makes it easier to work the harpoon), harpoon upgrades, additional depth charges, additional time on future levels, maps to find the best fishing spots on the lake, tools to allow the fish to be worth more money at the end of the round, gasoline and outboard motors that can be attached to your boat.

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are required for mid and high level . Harpoons can only be used in the seas. When a player has found a , they can then use their harpoon if the option "harpoon fishing spot" is available.

Harpoon fishermen will be able to catch an additional 40 metric tons of bluefin tuna this year. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration at the United States Department of Commerce announced in the Federal Register of Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015 that it is transferring the 40 tons to the harpoon category from the reserve category. The in-season quota transfer is in effect immediately. 17:41