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As mentioned earlier, some species are more frequent in certain seasons than others, and some fish are migratory in nature – so they may not live in Hawaii year round. We have compiled a short list for you to consider as you plan your Hawaii Fish trip:

Drop your line off the southern shore of Maui and enjoy some tropical bottom fishing aboard the "Hokua". Fish for a variety of Hawaiian fish including Papio, Ulua, Wrasses and other Hawaiian bottom fish.

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Hawaii Fishing Report for Kona – January 2011

The evaluation of various RPL systems was based on three objectives: an ability to better inform fishery management efforts with superior data; the potential to facilitate dialogue between fishers and managers by identifying demographics of non-commercial fishers in the state; and the potential to generate independent, continuous funding for the management of Hawaii fisheries.

Hawaii longline fishing vessels dock at Pier 38 in Honolulu. The fishing industry has staunchly opposed marine monuments and criticized the unilateral process of creating them.