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Most people think an aquarium should be oblong while some prefer something a little bit different. These unusual shaped aquariums such since the hexagon fish tank look amazing within your home but they are not designed for fish.

The hexagon tropical fish tank has been a classic alternative to the standard rectangular aquariums where tropical fish are most commonly kept. These six sided aquariums offer a totally different look from the glass box and have been available ever since I can remember. In the old days, they were often the only alternative for the decorator or person who wanted a showpiece aquarium and did not want to have what everyone else watched. They had wrought iron stands and a sliding glass top with a fluorescent strip light.

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  • Obtain a stand to place your tank on, if it did not come with one. Use a stand created specifically for holding aquariums to handle the weight of it when it is filled with water.

  • Find a good location to place the hexagon aquarium that is near a power outlet. Keep away from sunny spots or areas with fluctuating temperatures, such as near windows or vents.

  • Place the stand and put the aquarium on top of it. Attach the background to the outside of the back of the tank using tape around the edges to seal the water out.

  • Rinse the gravel with plain water in the bucket to remove any dust particles. Rinse all other decorations for the aquarium also.

  • Add a 3-inch layer of the gravel on the bottom of the tank. Add water slowly using a plate to control the flow of the water going into the tank and be careful not to disturb the gravel.

  • Fill the tank partially full (no more than about 1/4 full, if you are adding plants) with water treated with conditioner (follow the directions on the bottle to add the proper amount). Add the decorations and plants to the tank.

  • Fill the remainder of the tank with treated water leaving some space to allow you to place your arm in the tank without overflowing the water, if needed. Install any other equipment, such as a filter, heater (for tropical fish), air stones or thermometers.

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  • Put the cover on the top of the aquarium. Check to make sure the light works.

  • Turn on all of the equipment in the aquarium to make sure it is working properly. Wait 15 minutes to turn on the heater to allow the thermostat to regulate to the water temperature of the fish tank.

  • Wait at least 24 to 48 hours before adding fish and only add a few at this time. Allow the tank to cycle naturally for around six weeks or more, before adding any additional fish.

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