Tha J "Hotter Than Fish Grease Mixtape"

Hotter Than Fish Grease


Hotta, Hotta, Hotta Than Fish Grease!

I am truely a lover of black pearls and I absolutely love this bracelet. It's definitely a keeper. Keep up the good work Overstock (HOTTER THAN FISH GREASE)

Uhh Ohh!! WWE’s Ric Flair has officially put our girl, Halle Berry on FULL BLAST! Flair claims that Halle ‘Rode Space Mountain’!!! I bet she is hotter than fish grease about this!!

Hotta, Hotta, Hotta Than Fish Grease!

Bitch I'm hotter than fish grease, made 250 this week. Baddest bitch, all in her, balling bitch Sportscenter.
26 up, 12 down

Hotta, Hotta, Hotta Than Fish Grease!

I would be HOTTER THAN FISH GREASE! That’s what happened at Plano Senior High School! The school felt like the kids, who were a part of the National Honor Society would make the other kids, who were not, fell less worthy! WHAT KIND OF MESS IS THAT??

Now you already know I am the self proclaimed PRESIDENT Of The Bald-Head Barbie Club…. AKA The Short Hair Club! Recently, Jennifer Hudson debuted a HOT NEW SHORT DEW… BABY SHE IS SERVING UP Plenty Of Face Because Hers To BEAT TO THE GAWWWWWDS!!! HOTTER THAN FISH GREASE!! LOVE IT !!!!