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Here are all the technical details and features of each of the Humminbird Fishin Buddy portable fishfinder units. The major differences between the three models are the display, sonar type, transducer mounting pole and, of course, the price. Basically, the Humminbird 120 Fishin Buddy has a little better screen (higher grayscale level and more pixels) than the 110 in addition to side imaging sonar. The Fishin Buddy 130 also has a step up in greyscale and pixel resolution than the 120 in addition to a telescoping transducer pole that extends to 40". Then, the next step up, the Humminbird 140C Fishin Buddy, the only difference is the color screen.

The Humminbird Fishin Buddy portable fish finder come in three models: 110, 120, 130 and 140C. All three portable sonar models can be easily mounted and then removed via an ergonomic clamp (no transducer mounting required) on most small and medium fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, float tubes, or even fish just off the dock. It has a large, monochrome (140C model is color), high resolution, 4-inch LCD screen to mark fish and underwater structure.

Humminbird Fishin Buddy 110 Portable Fishfinder

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The Fishin Buddy 140c is an impressive little unit when one considers its capabilities. It is able to not only do virtually all the options that an installed unit can do, but it can perform these actions at the same speed too. The sonar is incredibly adept at reading features such as structures and fish below the water and the water temperature reading is also impressive for a unit of its size and power. Whilst the battery life could perhaps be improved when the unit is running multiple operations at once, by and large all anglers will be impressed by this unit. I hope you have found this Humminbird Fishin Buddy 140c Review helpful.

We hope this Humminbird Fishin Buddy Portable Fish Finder Review and comparison chart has helped you sort it all out and guide your decision in purchasing either the 110, 120, 130 or 140 . Either way, we wish you all the best in findin' those fish!