Identify the fish in the classroom aquarium.

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another question..where do you look when you want to see lots of pics to id a fish? I have one that has grown quite a bit in a short time and he/she is mean to everyone in the tank except the pleco and Gold Barb because they are bigger. He chases/nips everyone, and now the tips of his fins are white and I don't know if he is sick or he is just maturing. He eats fine and swims fine ...

Can anyone help me identify this fish we spotted at Boca Catalina in Aruba? He was on bottom and looked more like a reptile. He was black or really dark. We saw over 20 different kinds and can identify them all except for this one. Thanks.

DOSITS: How is sound used to identify fish?

  • Describe the characteristics of the Class Agnatha.
  • Know at least one Oklahoma representative of the Class Agnatha.
  • Use their lifecycle to describe why lampreys are limited to clear Oklahoma streams.
  • Describe the characteristics of the Class Osteichthyes.
  • By sight, be able to identify a white bass and a striped bass.
  • Know at least one example of an invasive species in Oklahoma.
  • Use a dichotomous key to identify Oklahoma fish Orders.

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When you pass by your fish tank, you may notice your fish behaving strangely or showing abnormal physical characteristics. These are clues that your fish is suffering from some type of disease and will need treatment. Learning how to identify aquarium fish diseases, along with how to treat them, will help you take good care of your fish and keep him healthy and stress-free.

The simplest way to identify fishes is by their physical shape and appearance. Everyone can easily recognize a shark or a dolphin because of their distinctive shapes. Different species have different profiles when viewed from the side, top or front. Some are slim and elongated, others fat and rounded. The diagram above shows the shapes of many common fishes.