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Koi Fish : Live Japanese Koi Fish for Outdoor Ponds

Competition for overseas fishing privileges has at various times brought Japan into conflict with Canada over salmon, with the former USSR over fishing in the Sea of Okhotsk and other Soviet waters (between 1905 and 1945 Japan had special treaty privileges in these waters), with the ROK and China over their limitations on Japanese fishing operations, with Australia over pearl fishing in the Arafura Sea, with Indonesia over fishing in what Indonesia regards as inland waters, and with the United States, especially over fishing in north Pacific and Alaskan waters. Japan has been adversely affected by the adoption of the 200 mi fishing zone by the United States and more than 80 other world nations. Fishing in waters claimed by the United States (where about 70% of the Japanese catch originates) or by many other nations now requires payment of fees and special intergovernmental or private agreements.

Have you ever heard of the when people put up ? If you are familiar with that special day then you must know the meaning of Koi is carp in Japanese. The Japanese koi fish symbolizes courage in Japan because when caught by a fisherman they don’t quiver like other fish. Japanese people usually don’t eat the koi but in the past it was believed that the blood of koi can cure many diseases.

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Seriola quinqueradiara  yellowtail
Seriola purpurescens amberjack
Longirostrum delicatissimus striped jack
Fugu rubripes rubripes  puffer (globefish)
Chrysophrys (Pagrus) major  red sea bream (red porgy)
Acanthopagrus schleglii1 black sea bream (black porgy)
Sparus sarba silver sea bream
O plegnathus fasciatus Japanese parrotfish
Oplegnathus punctatus spotted parrotfish
Paralichthys olivaceus bastard halibut
Sebasticus marmoratus scorpionfish
Oncorhynchus keta chum salmon
Salmo gairdneri irrideus rainbow trout
Salvelinus pluvius steelhead

A Japanese Fish Market in Williamsburg - The New York Times

The red porgy or sea bream, knownin Japan as the "tai" or "madai" is in great demand since it is the traditionalfish served at celebrations. The commercial catch of sea breams in Japanwas nearly constant from 1965 to 1967, but during 1968 and 1969 decreasedslightly to a level of about 30,000 tons (Japan Fisheries Association,1971).

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