Jetty fishing in Ocean Grove. October 4, 2013. Paul Goldfinger photo

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From The Surf: Jetty Fishing Tips - On The Water

As always tackle and techniques specific to pier and jetty fishing will be discussed throughout the various regions discussed during the show. A great variety of fish can be caught from piers and jetties including just about all of the major game fish targeted in Florida. So you’ll want to tune in as well to hear reports as well as tips and techniques for targeting these species from these shore based fishing spots.

This is an area of fishing that is dear to my own heart. I grew up fishing piers and jetties including Anglin’s Pier and Pompano Pier as a kid in south Florida. To this day jetty fishing is still one of my favorite ways to target big snook. Some of my favorite jetties include the ones at Sebastian Inlet and Fort Pierce Inlet on the east coast and John’s Pass, Redfish Pass, and Blind Pass at Captiva on the west coast. However, there are many piers and jetties located throughout the entire state of Florida, so this should be an interesting episode. Anglers may be able to learn a few new spots that could come in handy next time you travel around the state.

Jetty fishing 101 - Tillamook Barview Jetty

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Tides are an important part of Oregon jetty fishing. You want rising tides with small exchanges, so the currents are not too strong. You should fish through the high and low slack tides, too.

When planning an Oregon jetty fishing trip, pay attention to surf projections, and avoid high surf or strong winds. Big waves can sweep you off the rocks in a second, so fish with a buddy. Oregon jetty fishing is less dangerous and much more fun if you do it with a friend.