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MW Polar Herring, Kipper Snacks, 3.53-Ounce (Pack of 18)


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You have probably heard stories of people eating kippered fish and discovering everything is fine. The majority of time this will be the case. The likelihood of eating kippered fish with Listeria is doubtful. However, the concern is that it is disastrous when it is encountered by pregnant mothers-to-be.

It is true kippered fish are usually rich in . Some people prefer the taste of fish prepared this way and may argue the benefits make it worthwhile. Yes, these fish have benefits, and if not tainted are a great source for omega-threes.

Kipper Fillets made with exceptional wild fatty herring

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However, kippered fish prepared in other dishes are cooked separately have a greater probability of being safe. For example, a kippered salmon cooked in a casserole should reach temperatures hot enough to kill the Listeria. Another option is to take kippered salmon or herring and reheat it on the stove.

Kippered herring or salmon are considered potential risks to eat during pregnancy. The primary reason is this food preparation method is more vulnerable to . Kippered fish itself is not going to hurt you. However salmon or herring prepared this way is more susceptible to Listeria, which would be devastating to your baby.