Odeng (Korean fish cake) Banchan

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Following North Korea’s sale to China of fishing rights in large areas of surrounding seas, competition among North Korean fishing boats for what is left has led to robberies and other clashes, sources say.

Now let’s talk about the fish cake. Korean fish cake is a quite accessible item to me, so I never bothered to cook it before myself. Besides, I thought it was rather a complicated process.

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“This is because they are robbed of their own fish by North Korean military fishing boats, and also because of company pressure to meet their quotas,” the source said.

If so, you will be glad to hear that I will be sharing my version of Korean fish cake recipe in this post and also in the next post. The reason I separated these recipes into two parts is that they are for different purpose. In this post, I’ll cover how to make Korean fish cakes for appetisers/side dishes/snacks and in the next post I’ll cover how to make Korean fish cakes for soup. Does this sound good?