Large Fish Net for removing fish from ponds and also clearing debris

Authentic Nautical Fish Net - Decorative Use 5' X 10' New


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It can be obtained from asking friends, free gifts or as reward for finishing some quests. It can be bought from the at a cost of for single Large Fishing Net. There is also other packs with more this consumables - pack of 10 Large Fishing Net cost and pack of 25 Large Fishing Net cost .

They found that, while overall quantities of litter recorded by volunteers showed no statistically significant change over the decade, several types of litter had increased. These include small plastic fragments, plastic food packaging, wet wipes, polystyrene foam, balloons and large fishing nets.

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A large fishing net is spread out to dry in Kiryamboga, a village on Lake Albert. As catches decline due to overfishing, villagers are driven to use illegal small-mesh nets, even converted mosquito nets, to pull as much as possible from the water, including immature fish—depleting the lake stock even more.

The Large Hozelock Fish Net lets you simply remove fish from your pond. It can also be used to clean ponds of unwanted debris and leaves. Its 39cm diameter head makes it suitable for large ponds. A telescopic handle from 100cm to 180cm ensures you can reach all parts of your pond and the soft grip handle adds comfort.