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Who knows, your next cast just havea potential state record largemouth bass fishing around right behindyour lure, just like the famous "Dottie".

Your Mexico Largemouth Bass fishing trip begins upon landing in the city of Mazatlan where a driver from Angler’s Inn Lodge will transport your group in a comfortable van, loaded with cold drinks, to the lodge, located only 1.5 hours away. The city of Mazatlan itself is a top tourist destination for travelers seeking beautiful beaches in a relaxed setting. Most airline arrivals come from a connection through Mexico City, which is easily reached from most major U.S. cities.

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(7) We noted that the largemouth bass fishing can be trying in December, but this story about largemouth bass fishing in Decemeber, which we have written about several times, needs to be told again and again. So here it is again:

If you are interested in discovering everything there is to know about largemouth bass fishing, this guide is the essential resource for you to read. It will teach you the most effective techniques to catch the largemouth bass, the equipment you need and the practice of catch and release.