Nobody likes feeling like a fish out of water!

Like A Fish Out Of Water (English Subtitled)


Smith asked, “Did you feel like a fish out of water?”

Our centers around experiences when you really feel out of your element, sometimes humorously described as ‘fish out of water’ moments. In the life of a performer, there are many times when one feels like a fish out of water. By the very nature of their work, performers must enjoy challenging themselves, but it is not uncommon to have an Achilles’ heel – some situation or condition that puts you out of your comfort zone. It could be dancing or singing in a language you’ve never sung in before…or perhaps your costume exposes a little more flesh than you like to expose. I decided that it might be fun to interview our members and hear about their moments!

Among the many dance events scheduled for this ‘Big’ summer 2012, one that should not be missed is Like A Fish Out of Water. The new, site specific concept developed by seven sisters group, presented by English National Ballet and Zap Art, is sweet, funny and witty all at once.

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    : I guess I’ve always felt like a fish out of water, and honestly, you kind of get used to it. Growing up always presents its challenges for everybody, but I was always the puzzle piece that didn’t have a spot; the American growing up in Germany, the white, poor kid in the high school ghetto, the gay man at church or the Christian at the gay bar… it never seems to end. Let alone artistically. Since I play everything, and I mean everything, classical musicians question me as well musical theater people. Is it really so bad that I improvise as well as sight read!?

    I ended up creating an animated video about the saying ‘Like a fish out of water’ for this project. It is a little longer than 30 seconds (41 secs), but the script i wrote was almost perfectly 30 seconds, but i ended up adding a little something to the end because i thought it would add some humour to the piece that would be appreciated by the audience and the titles add some time too, anyway here’s the final video: