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Angel Fish With White Lips in the Freshwater Fish Disease forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates category.

My Angel is about 1 year old and has white lips developing. I don't remember noticing this before the last couple of weeks. Today it seemed like a loose piece of white material was on the inside of the lip. I'm attaching a photo to help in the diagnosis. I didn't recall noticing white lips as the fish was growing and in the last few weeks it seems to have gotten more noticeable. Please have a look at the attached ...

Lips the Fish is in mint condition and has a 5th generation swing tag (mint condition) which is in a protector case and a 7th generation hologram tush tag in mint condition.

Lips The Fish Practice by Sara Edgar | Teachers Pay Teachers

Lips the Fish by Kristy Streck on Prezi

Everything you need to teach and reinforce the Lips the Fish decoding strategy (make the first sound when you're stuck on a word) in a fun, exciting way!!

Born March 15, 1999, Lips the Fish is a striking and colorful swimmer! She looks like a tropical fish with bright blue and purple fins, yellow tail and orange body with red dots. Her red lips tell her tale! Lips is in mint condition with original tags and tag protector. Retired December 23, 1999. Her poem: