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Mahi Mahi Fish | Facts and Cooking Tips

The food served in the lounge or at your seat before and during the movie includes the typical chicken tenders and nachos but also trendy options such as tempura-battered mahi-mahi fish and chips, ceviche lettuce wraps, ahi tuna steaks and sriracha chicken sliders.

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The Mahi Mahi fish is the Hawaiian name for dolphinfish

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    Other mahi-mahi fisheries lack effective management. Panama has some bycatch measures in place, such as voluntary circle hooks and a national plan for shark preservation, but Seafood Watch called them inefficient to protect vulnerable species. In addition, as of 2016, there were no harvest control rules. Indonesia lacks bycatch management measures for mahi-mahi, and Seafood Watch expressed concern over compliance with other management measures in place there. In Taiwan, although mahi-mahi is managed by the Fisheries Authority of the Council of Agriculture, there are currently no measures. Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru are engaged in a fishery improvement project, but lack fishery management plans for mahi-mahi.

    In Canada, the stocks are managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. A 2016 Seafood Watch report called Canadian management for bycatch species insufficient compared to the United States. Although the mahi-mahi longline fishery in Ecuador has infrequent bycatch, Seafood Watch gave the country a good alternative rating for having a management framework in place to address the impact on mahi-mahi stocks and species of concern.