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Blue marlin have probably been known to Japanese high-seas fishermen for centuries. However, the Pacific blue marlin was not officially considered to be a separate species (though still debated) until 1954; prior to then, Pacific blues were known as "silver marlin" or often confused with black marlin. The capture of a 1,002-pound (454 kg) Pacific blue marlin by skipper George Parker of Kona, Hawaii, was instrumental in clearing up the identification of Pacific marlin species. Hawaii has continued to be the major center of blue marlin fishing in the Pacific, and Hawaiian blue marlin techniques have been disseminated throughout the Pacific Basin by travelling anglers and crews, influencing blue marlin fisheries as distant as Japan and Australia.

The island of in the US Virgin Islands is one of the most renowned blue marlin destinations.[] Full moons from June to October can accompany some intense blue marlin fishing in the area known as the 'North Drop'. Lure fishing, trolling natural baits, and bait and switch are all popular. The former all-tackle world-record Atlantic blue of 1,282 pounds (582 kg) was boated there.

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Seasons: September, October and November are normally
the best months for Marlin. But…big Blue, Black and Striped Marlin are always around and the boats that target them usually have some success. You may need to go a little farther and fish a little harder, but Marlin fishermen are familiar with that.

Method: Generally caught 20-50 miles out while trolling lures and/or ballyhoo with circle hooks. The “bait and switch” with teasers and pitch baits is the most popular method on the big boats. Live bait is best when you find the fish. Marlin can also be caught on the fly if the Marlin is small and you are really lucky.

My best day: Thanks to Captain Glen and the crew of the Bethina for helping me get my first Marlin the day before this issue went to print. My 300 pound Blue Marlin pounced on a ballyhoo with circle hook and went deep before anyone got a good look at her. We all assumed it was a Sailfish since we had already caught 3 Sails in that same spot. After a 15 minute fight the fish came up right under the boat. As she broke water we all realized it was a nice Marlin. Once she saw the boat she took off and “snowplowed” about 100 meters…almost in slow motion. I was using 30 pound line and 80 pound leader so I offered little resistance as she made her runs. It took another 10 or 15 minutes to get her back to the boat were we got a clean release without harming that beautiful fish.

World Record:
1402 lbs. Vitoria, Brazil (Atlantic blue) - 1376 lbs. Kona, Hawaii (Pacific blue) – 1560 lbs. Cabo Blanco, Peru (Black Marlin)

Please catch and release.

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digital fine art of people marlin fishing.

Larger blue marlin appear to be captured in years when the water temperate is warmer than usual. On the New South Wales coast, water temperatures of 24 °C (75 °F) brought down the coast by the warmer south east current appear to produce the best blue marlin fishing and the largest blue marlin. The fishing season in Australia for blue marlin is January to May–June.

's has some of the most prolific blue marlin fishing in the Atlantic.[] Blue marlin are present year round with particularly good numbers in spring. Trolling with ballyhoo baits using relatively light tackle, often in the 30-pound (14 kg) class, is popular for the variety of billfish species that can make an appearance in these waters.