Mosquitofish bear live young ..

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Males typically live for about 5–7 days, ..

10 Live Gambusia Mosquito Fish. Includes a mixture of male, female and fry. They are great assets for controlling pond/ aquarium detritus and other pesky insects. They are one of the few varieties that can survive Northern winters as well as warmer southern waters. They can thrive in indoor aquariums or outdoor ponds. They will eat insects and left-over food from other fish and require very little maintenance. Mosquito fish make a great overall tank and pond cleaner and are entertaining to watch. They are one of the best additions to small or large aquariums or fish ponds. Mosquito fish are often used specifically for mosquito control and they are prolific breeders. They are also live-bearers and great feeder fish. They can eat up to 300-mosquito larva a day and have up to 60 babies. They are very hardy fish when acclimated to their environment. Females can grow up to 2.8 inches and reach sexual maturity in as little as 30 days inches. Males grow up to1.6 inches. They multiply quickly and eat mosquito larvae, standard fish flakes, algae and small invertebrates. These fish are very hardy. Will ship Priority Mail (average 2-3 days delivery time) and include adequate insulation if the destination is below 30 degrees .We include extras to account for the possibility of doa. If upon arrival the total count of Mosquito fish alive, is less than you ordered, please let me know within 24 hours and include a photo of fish in unopened bag. I will issue a partial refund.

Guppies are native to northern South America, Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad, where they like still or flowing waters. In the wild, the mosquito fish lives near the surface of fresh or brackish water in ponds, lakes, ditches, backwaters and slow streams from New Jersey to central Mexico. They can also be found in the Mississippi River basin from Illinois.

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  • Mosquitofish bear live young (they do not lay eggs) and produce new broods of up to 100 young at intervals of about six weeks throughout the summer.
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    There are many species called mosquito fish. They may more properly be called mosquitofishbut, English-wise, making it two words makes more sense to me. So, I may be writing it thewrong way. All mosquito fish are livebearers. I am referring specifically to. There are a number of subspecies. Other species include from the East Coast of theUS; , , , , , and from Texas; from Texas and New Mexico; and from Florida andCuba.