Has any one used Mr Fish for taxi pick ups or trips in luxor

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My boyfriend and I went to Luxor in December 2008. We used Mr Fish for all our trips - Valley of the Kings / Queens / Temples etc. He dropped us off and waited in the car park, had a little snooze. Cost us approx £15 English for the whole day!

We found him very trustworthy and honest. He has a few brothers - also called Mr Fish who will pick you up if he is not available. He might encourage you to bring another couple with you so he gets more money and you get a better deal (he has a mini van as well as his nice Toyota and other taxis). All his vehicles were safe.

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Posted: Apr 26th, 2012 at 8:40 pm
By: kb

Avg. Rating:4.2
Mr fish has great food. I live here and whenever my parents come to visit from Pa, they always wanna come here at least once. Have to give this place a try, just be prepared for a wait..they are busy most all the time, this is a locals favorite. you will be disapointed with the big buffet style seafood places...so at least give this spot a try!
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Perhaps someone can help you with a more recent review. I was given a card by someone calling himself Mr Fish as I passed by near the Nile Palace last week when I was there, and it was a smart looking car, but there's no way of telling if this car was his or not.

We recommended Mr Fish to a retired lone travelling lady. He picked her up from our hotel - Pyramisa ISIS Hotel - and took her to the . She was perfectly safe and said she'd had a great day. I think Mr Fish was chuffed he got a great tip!