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Nice Fish: New and Selected Prose Poems


All fish can have different disliked fish, including the Nice Fish.

Claire van Kampen’s bold direction and Todd Rosenthal’s set make Nice Fish an eye-widening spectacle. The action happens on an expansive sheet of ice against an ever-changing sky. In order to give a sense of perspective, the horizon is populated with tiny trees and the occasional miniscule passing train. A detailed puppet takes the place of a character who has travelled into the far background.

It was a bit sporty in the morning and calmed down as the day went on. We had about 25 mangos, 3 sheepshead, 3 tripletail, and 3 nice hogfish. The fish all preferred shrimp presented on a jig head or fishfinder rig. The knocker rig did not fare as well.

Mark Rylance in “Nice Fish”. Photo by Richard Termine.

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Nice Fish tickets – Eccentric, charming and very funny

As Nice Fish courses to its finish, it takes a manic turn into metaphor and surrealism. Will they catch the giant fish they’ve waited so long for? Was it ever really about the fish? Are Ron and Erik the fish? What, in fact, is the point? Dizzying and often downright confusing, this is nevertheless a show that will stay with audiences long after the ice has melted.

“Nice Fish,” the unassumingly charming play , is tastefully hewn from the folksy prose poetry of Minnesota writer Louis Jenkins, whose kitchen-table ruminations about life in the upper Midwest must fit in just perfectly when he makes his periodic appearances on “A Prairie Home Companion.”