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Ascenta Health - NutraSea Balanced EPA & DHA Omega 3 Supplement Lemon Flavor - 500 ml. 1250mg EPA + DHA per teaspoon


Nutra Sea Omega 3 EPA-DHA Lemon 200ml - National Nutrition

Ascenta Nutrasea Fish Oil can also be taken by children. This is completely safe to use. In fact, children under 14 years of age can take this. Just half a tablespoon to be taken daily is enough to supplement the health needs of children. This can help in their brain development. It also plays a major role in the improvement of their cognitive functions.

Ascenta Nutrasea Fish Oil has a distinct lemon taste. You will find this supplement a cut above the rest because of its lemon flavor. One of the main reasons why people shy away from fish oil supplements is because it tastes fishy. Many also complain of fishy burps which can become unsettling. This is why the company ensured that this one tastes different. Its lemon flavor will make it more ideal to take everyday.

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    Ascenta Nutrasea Fish Oil can help manage pain and inflammation. Chronic pain and body inflammation can affect the quality of life. Do not let these problems get to you. Manage your pain and body inflammation with this supplement. Omega 3 fatty acids can help lessen inflammation in all parts of the body.

    Ascenta Nutrasea Fish Oil has the efficacy, safety and freshness backed by CRN and certified by PURE CHECK. CRN or Council for Responsible Nutrition is the one who checks the quality and the purity of supplements. In addition to their approval, this supplement has also garnered a certificate from PURE CHECK. This is only given to products that are of utmost quality.