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OmegaVia Pharma-Grade Omega-3, Enteric coated. 1105 mg Omega-3 - Ultra-high Omega-3 per pill.


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OmegaVia Fish Oil is exceptionally pure and clearly provides the source of the oil used in their supplement. The above ingredients are found in every 1 capsule, making it one of the most potent fish oil supplements pill for pill. OmegaVia not only uses the common EPA and DHA, but a range of other fatty acids, including the potent DPA fatty acid.

We have chosen a high-quality fish oil supplement to help with your acne. The Omega Via fish oil capsules are therapeutic quality and are enteric coated to help assimilate the omega-3s in the most efficient way possible. In addition, they are formulated not to have a fishy after taste and are guaranteed burp free.

OmegaVia - Ultra Pure Fish Oil Supplement, Calabasas, California

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OmegaVia Fish Oil is a brand formulation of the essential omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids can be found in fish oil, flaxseed and walnuts may reduce the risk of breast cancer and stroke. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, soy products are also protective.

Nordic Natural is one of the most trusted names in Omega fish oil supplements, and this concentrate just happens to be their most popular. The double strength formula has EPA + DHA, and allows for more Omega benefits with fewer doses. This is a remarkably therapeutic supplement, and you’ll notice the difference in both mind and body. There are two factors that make this supplement so beneficial, and one is the heart and circulatory-boosting properties in EPA. It’s also effective against mood disorder and is a remarkable anti-inflammatory. DHA is fantastic to improve your mental performance, and is remarkable for pregnant mothers or those who are nursing. This is one of the best concentrations of EPA + DHA you can find. Most other omega supplements have DPA or SDA which must be converted into EPA, but with Nordic Natural. Your body does not have to perform this extra step.