New in the Stock Shop… Paradigm Fish Food

Paradigm Herbivore (8 oz)


New in the Stock Shop… Paradigm Fish Food

In a study many years back where I attended a seminar, it was shown in animals that over abundance of proteins in prepared animal foods to encourage growth or simply under the assumption "the more the better" was THE cause of premature renal failure and death. This is where Paradigm Fish Foods and even more so the newer Custom AAP version formulated by Clay Neighbors is superior to all other fish foods to date.

AAP Custom/Paradigm Fish Foods are not your typical fish food, so often different ways of administering this product are required over other dried fish foods.

A little bit more on Paradigm Fish Foods - Tannin Aquatics

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A little bit more on Paradigm Fish Foods

*For the VERY BEST prepared fish food for your cichlids, livebearers, tetras, rasboras, gouramis, goldfish, bettas, and even many marine fish.
Made by fish food guru Clay Neighbors, creator of the original Paradigm fish food formula, except this food improves on energy level & protein optimization!!

Products line such as TMC AquaRay & FSB Filter, AAP Wonder Shells, and Paradigm Fish Foods are all good examples of lines of top quality and/or innovative products that would not exist if all your purchases for aquarium products were made via Amazon.