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Jeanne Middleton of Middleton's Fish Camp at Blue Cypress Lake said the bass fishing is holding up nicely. Over the weekend, an angler fished the east side of the lake in the Kissimmee grass and caught several nice sized bass up to 7 pounds. He was mostly using Yamamato worms. Also, with a cold front coming Friday, she said the speckled perch fishing, which has been good, should only get better. Campsites are first come first serve, so plan ahead.

Welcome to our section on perch fishing tips. The information in this section will give you everything you need to know about perch and perch fishing. It won’t matter if you’re just starting out with fishing or if you’ve been fishing for 30 years, the information in this section will make you a better perch fisherman. You’ll be able to start off by learning basic information about perch, followed by some of the best perch fishing tips available to us. Along with that you’ll also be able to see the all-time perch fishing records, basic facts about perch and a list resources for further research into perch fishing.

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That morning I caught a good dozen perch with great pleasure. Perch are an excellent sport fish and they can be caught with a variety of methods, but with a fly rod it’s one of my favorite species. Maybe it is just because of their hardy nature or aggressive attitude, but perch fishing with a fly is becoming one of Europe's most popular sport fishing opportunities.

Late summer and fall traditionally provide the best perch fishing of the year on Lake Erie. Check out some tips and tricks for your ticket to fishing success.