In-Fisherman’s Pickled FishBy Chef John Bisson, Jr.

Pickled Herring in Wine Sauce - 65 oz jar


Pacific pickled fish salad with coconut turmeric dressing

Often served as a first course with bread and butter, pickled fish is served as a main course with a salad of potato and accompanied by some dressed lettuce leaves.

Serves 6 / Preparation 20 minutes plus pickling time / Cooking 5 minutes

Give this pickled fish recipe a try:

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Pickled Fish Recipe- In-Fisherman

Pickled Fish is such a tradition at the Cape, and interestingly it is very popular at Easter time. Some say that is was made to feed the masses on Good Friday after the three hour church service in the morning, while others say this is not so as the dish is very popular with our Muslim brethren. That said, few Cape homes would not have their own recipe for “kerrievis” as pickling was a popular way of preserving fish in the days before refrigerators.

We had out of town guests visiting and wanted to take them out for dinner on the last night of their visit. We made arrangements at Pickled Fish for 5:15, arrived a little after 5 and were told they seated a couple who were waiting on take-out order at our four-top. It became apparent "our" table was not going to be available so they next seated us at a picnic table in the center of the room. We found this was directly under the A/C vent and asked to be moved. A couple of two-tops were pushed together and we were seated, though our original table would have afforded a much nicer view and overall dining experience. Out waitress was great, although looked like she just came from painting a house wearing paint spattered shirt. Next our drinks arrived and the wine included some salad(?), which we fished out and tried to move on. Next a family with children were seated at the picnic table next to us and the young boy thought it funny to bang his cup on the table.