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US Toy Assorted Color and Design Tropical Fish Figure Play Set (Lot of 12)

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We’ve got a great at Playfish right now. We’re focused on getting technically gifted Java programmers, super creative , talented and excellent , amongst a variety of . It’s really important that people looking to join us have a passion for what we (and ultimately, they) . At Playfish, we all feel part of the creative process, which is just one of the things that makes it such an awesome place to work. Absolutely everyone in our company is actively encouraged to make suggestions for new , new features… and of course everyone has to – a very important part of the gaming development process!😉

We focus on giving Playfishers all the tools they need to do their jobs – from providing great equipment and talented colleagues to work with, to an excellent office environment that is inviting to walk into every morning – though I’m still not quite sure where the huge orange space hopper appeared from…!

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We have a great team spread over four studios – London, San Francisco, Norway and Beijing – on three continents, dedicated to hiring the best and brightest talent to join our fishbowl. If you’re wondering how many people we’re hiring, let me put it this way: sometimes I come in on a Monday and think I have walked into the wrong office because there are so many new faces! I know we have found the right people to work for Playfish though when I look around and see everyone huddling together and talking about new ideas and the things they love. What’s even more amazing is that we truly are representative of the United Nations, with staff at all of our offices coming from every corner of the world, all of them working together enthusiastically.

When I heard that our company blog was looking for people to write for it, I couldn’t wait to jump in there and tell you all about how exciting it is that we’re hiring. My name is Ken Ward and I lead the recruiting team at Playfish. Officially they call what I do ‘Talent Acquisition’ – and that’s not too far from the truth.