Goture Mini RC Bait Fishing Boat

Radio Ranger ll" 34" Remote Control Fishing Boat UPGRADED 2.4Ghz Remote System

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Gas powered RC fishing boats are rare - although they offer greater endurance and higher speeds, they are noisier and require plenty of maintenance, when compared with electric RC fishing boats. Also, when on idle, electric motors are simply turned off, while gas motors must work and thus create additional noise and spend fuel. If you have hooked larger fish, there is always a danger of fish pulling boat under the water - gas operated boats don't 'like' that at all. Due to modern lithium batteries, electric RC boats are very close to performances to gas powered RC boats. And changing fully charged and discharged batteries is often faster and much cleaner job, than refueling gas RC boat.

A Japanese company has just released the definitive gadget for techno fishermas: a new RC fishing boat called KAMOME. There are similar boats made for RC fishers, but this is the first one professional build with a radio controlled fishing road, a sonar to locate fishes (with a range of 60 metres) and a GPS system. This RC boat is one meter long, weights 11 kg and is able to catch 2KG fishes.

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Fly Fishing Sim
Download freeware
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Fly Fishing Simulator
This freeware game is limited to one fish per session, one fishing destination, and one species of fish

The full version has 25 different flies including dry flies, five 3D fish models, including golden trout and more

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The RC Fishing Pole
Popular Product

Go Fishing with any remote control boat!! This fishing pole can be put on any R/C boat. Drive your bait around any lake with the push of your remote control, attach a bobber, "bammo" fish hits, line disconnects, reel it in!

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Bass Fishing Monopoly
Popular Board Game

Customized game board featuring the best bass fishing lakes in the country.

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RC Fishing Boat
Popular Remote Control

Remote Control fishing boat models include Midwest Boothbay Lobsterboat 964, AquaCraft Bristol Bay Fishing Boat RTR and more.

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Wholesale RC Fishing Boat with Bait Casting From China

Maximum speed is not very important for RC fishing boats, since actual fishing is done at rather low speeds - 1-3 knots, or even slower - live bait will do its job of luring predator fish and RC boat will 'slowly' cover large area around your location.

- searching and locating game fish during fishing from the shore and anchored boats. Although relatively small, RC fishing boats have enough space and power to carry an onboard fish finder that send data to receiving station. This can be expensive, especially if longer ranges are required.