Real fishes compared to the cartoon.

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In the tank, the researchers noted that some of the fish appeared to be wary of their robot cousin, keeping their distance, even as they continued to swim in formation; most however, seemed to accept the robot into their school as easily as they would a real fish, despite the fact that the robot fish was not only covered with a plastic shell, but was twice as big as they were.

To start, long-press on an open area on your homescreen, select Wallpapers, Live Wallpaper and then pick Real Fishes Live Wallpapers from the list.

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Very little is known about the mechanism involved when form schools, other than that they likely do it to make mating easier, to conserve energy and to ward off predators. All of these activities are offset by the increased competition for food and the problems associated with communicable diseases. To help understand what causes fish to form a school, Stefano Marras and Maurizio Porfiri built a small robotic fish that they attached to the bottom of an artificial channel of moving water in their lab. They then placed a live golden shiner fish in the water behind it to see what would happen (because the water was moving the fish had to swim just to stay even.) They found that if the robot fish didn’t move at all, the live fish tended to ignore it. But if they caused the tail on the robot fish to move in a way that is very similar to the way golden shiners move theirs, the live fish would move into formation behind it. And that wasn’t all, after moving into formation, the real fish slowed its movements slightly, indicating that by following the robot fish, it was gaining an energy advantage similar to the way geese do when they form a vee when flying.

Deb/Flo = Black and White Damselfish
Deb is based on a real damselfish with black and white coloration, not blue and white like her. As in the movie, all residents of aquarium tanks can see out (I have SCUBA dived in public aquarium tanks and can attest to that!), as well as see their own reflection at certain angles. Many fish in home aquariums recognize the person(s) that feeds them!