The problems with this Rocket Fishing Rod are legion.

Rocket Fishing Rod - Ready to Fish Kids Fishing Pole - Shoots a Bobber Instead of Casting


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So thank goodness for the Rocket Fishing Rod. This idiot-proof rod makes all that casting-off business a doddle, as it is capable of fairly accurately firing its line over 30ft with a just quick pump of its handle. This means novice anglers won't have to perform any of those daft flicking movements that invariably result in the accidental whipping off of the vicar's toupee or the removal of Barbara Windsor's bra. (Well they do in old Carry On films).

The Rocket Fishing Rod eliminates the need for casting out and incorporates a mechanism which fires out hook, line and sinkers within a unique and patented capsule that will double as a float when in the water, alerting the user when a fish is biting the bait. The Rocket Rod will fire its capsule up to 30ft from a single pump of the shot gun-like loading mechanism and releases the baited hook as the capsule hits the water. As with traditional rods the Rocket Rod incorporates a reel for retrieval of line. This is closed faced and functions in the same way as a traditional reel with an adjustable drag designed to prevent line-breaks.

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    Armed with a Rocket Fishing Rod you'll be casting off in seconds, safely and accurately. And here's the good bit - it really works. We know nothing about fishing but on a recent Firebox outing to the countryside (okay, the pond) we still managed to catch a couple of, erm…well, don't ask us what they were but they tasted all right with a splodge of ketchup.

    Guns and children definitely don’t mix, but adults think its pretty fun to equip kids with a that resembles more of a bazooka than anything else. This unique fishing rod enables kids to take the shortcut method of fishing – by firing its ‘ammunition’ (line) into the water instead. The included line is capable of being casted over 30 feet, and each purchase comes with an instructional video. Definitely not a toy that you should let a kid use unsupervised, as shooting the Rocket Fishing Rod at somebody else’s face or body could result in disaster.