Check out these basic saltwater fishing tips for beginners:

The Orvis Guide to Beginning Saltwater Fly Fishing: 101 Tips for the Absolute Beginner (Orvis Guides)


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I'm glad you're reading this - it means you're going fishing! These saltwater fishing tips will help you prepare to make the most of your time on the water. It will also help you learn how to be a better fisherman, and begin to figure out the saltwater fishing game.

8. Don’t give up too quickly. One of the most important saltwater fishing tips to remember is not to move too quickly from spot to spot. Consider trying at least two different lures or bait, and be sure to thoroughly probe all points that look promising.

Did we miss any must-know saltwater kayak fishing tips?

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Saltwater Fishing Tips, Tackle and Techniques

5. Research the area. If you’re new to saltwater fishing, you’re most likely also going to be new to the waterways in your area. Before you venture out on the waters, take the time to look over navigation charts and study the most promising areas to fish. Educate yourself about the different species of fish available and which types of tackle are best to use. Check with the locals for additional saltwater fishing tips particular to the area.

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