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Frabill Minnow Seine Net, 1/4-Inch Mesh, 4 x 12-Feet


Frabill Minnow Seine Net, 1/4-Inch Mesh, 4 x 12-Feet

The petitioners say the National Aquatic Research Agency has pointed out that purse seine fishing nets cause irreparable damage to the environment and the fish population. The fingerlings and the female fish with eggs are destroyed and then there will not be any more fish in Sri Lankan waters to be harvested by the fisher folk. Only a few large scale dealers will benefit at the expense of the marine environmental balance.

Bountiful Seines is owned and operated by a 2nd generation seine maker, with apprentices from the 3rd and 4th generations. We are proud of our products, and offer only the highest quality shrimp seines and fish nets in the time-honored tradition of the Waters' family.

Excellent Seine Net, very well made and easy to store.

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