Severum Fish Screensaver Screenshot:

Luxlady Mousepad Cichlasoma severum Natural Rubber Material Image 26641329400


and this kind of water may be necessary for Severum eggs to hatch

Beautiful 3D severum fish and plants dress up your computer screen, with gorgeous backgrounds and graceful bubbles. Charming transparent bubbles are moving from bottom to top of screen.

The severum, Heros severus, is a freshwater tropical cichlid with a beautiful, spade-shaped species and is a wonderful edition to any large peaceful tank. This Screensaver has 20 different types of severum fish species including gold severum, green severum, brown severum, yellow severum, red severum, white severum and black severum, ect.

3D Severum Fish Screensaver will fill your heart with soft natural pleasure and take your chance to enjoy the beauty of a severum fish tank in your home or your office PC. You can try 3D Severum Fish Screensaver for free for 15 days!

?20 types of Severum Fish Fish.
?Animated bubbles.
?Configure the number of severum fish.
?Choose aquarium background from your system.
?Choose music from your system.
?Bring more harmony and happiness to your life.

So the heros severum is a mouth brooder

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