Silver Dollar Fish by Nate A, via 500px

The Thousand Dollar Fish (Sugar Creek Gang Original Series)


A silver dollar fish depicted in monochromatic fashion.

I have 3 silver dollar fish. About the size of a silver dollar. Maybe a little bigger. They stay in the back of the tank going back and forth. They are scared of me. The rest if my fish come to me for food. Are they naturally shy?

I have 5 3-4inch silver dollar fish in a 40g tank with natural day light and I have found them to be extremely tolerant fish of water conditions. They ate all my plants within a day and regularly feed them Spinach, lettuce and cucumber, they are extremely picky eaters when it comes to pellets and flake food. I have also recently experienced them not eating their food and praying on my tetra’s (this is rare but can happen as they are a the same species as piranha except they are vegetarian). They will also eat any baby fish you may have (witch can be good for population control). Extremely playful but shy with good memory, if someone scares them they will hide the next time that person is near the tank but will play happily when they leave.

4 Large Silver Dollar Fish$30 eachabout 5 inches (10-23 cm) in size

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  • Silver Dollar Fish - Aquarium Fish

    The silver dollar fish is a great choice for those who love having fish as pets. This article will tell you all about how to care for this species, its food, and breeding.

    Silver Dollar Fish are really popular in fish aquariums! There is a reason for that.. because they are awesome! Taking care of silver dollar fish is actually pretty easy. Basic tropical fish flakes for food and keeping the water in tropical temps! Watch the video for more info on caring for them.