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Small fish tanks are actually harder to maintain due to the smaller amount of water that you have to work with. Large fish tanks hold a larger volume of water, therefore any problems that you may have are dispersed over a greater volume of water.

Fish tanks are calming and add life to a room, making them ideal additions to an office. You don’t need a lot of space or to add extra work to your day to keep an aquarium in your office. An office desk fish tank is small enough to sit right on your desk and is easy to maintain. These cool small fish tanks for the office desk are designed with the style of the modern day office in mind.

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    Make sure that you do not miss any part or accessory that will be required for building the fish tank. It is wise to buy a larger size of aquarium for your first time fish keeping experience. The smaller fish tanks are harder to manage and they require more skill and technique as compared to the larger ones. The smaller tanks are not recommended for beginners on their first time or anytime in the beginning learning process. If you like keeping a smaller fish tank than learn on the larger one and then switch to the smaller one so that you do not end up killing all your fish due to the lack of skill required for the smaller aquariums.

    Is your small freshwater fish tank dirty? Small fish tanks hold under 10 gallons (39 liters) of water. Because small fish tanks often lack filtration, they require more frequent upkeep than large fish tanks. To clean your small fish tank, remove the fish, clean the tank and decorations, and add treated, fresh water. Deep cleaning your fish tank every other week is an important way to keep your fish happy and healthy.