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Talking to thousands of smallmouth anglers across the continent, year after year, I see how you fish in different parts of the country, and I know what anglers' concerns and challenges are.

I think this book really addresses the questions you have and the fishing conditions you encounter. "River Smallmouth Fishing" will help you catch more fish and have more fun.

In conventional fishing, smallmouth may be successfully caught on a wide range of natural and artificial baits or lures, including , hair jigs, plastic jerkbaits, artificial worms, , and all types of soft plastic lures, including curly tail grubs or tubes with lead head jigs. Spinning reels or baitcasting reels may be used, with line strengths of 2 to 15 pounds typically utilised. Rods are usually of ultralight to medium-heavy action. They may also be caught with a using a dry or wet , nymphs, streamers, or imitations of larger aquatic creatures, such as , crawfish, or leeches. Floating topwater popper fly patterns and buzz baits are also popular for smallmouth fishing. For river fishing, spinning tackle or fly tackle has been the most popular angling tools for smallmouth in North America for many years.

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Sections of Tributary Streams
Stream Bass Section Map
Chautauqua Creek Railroad trestle (between Route 20 and I-90) to mouth 651 KB pdf
Canadaway Creek I-90 to mouth 612 KB pdf
Cattaraugus Creek *Mid-Seneca Reservation to mouth 795 KB pdf
Eighteen Mile Creek Route 20 to mouth 474 KB pdf

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Nationally know as the "smallmouth master," Tim Holschlag brings a massive amount of expertise to this book. He draws on a half-century of smallmouth fishing-- thousands of days on the water in hundreds of different rivers across North America, from tiny creek to giant rivers, from wilderness streams to urban waterways. Tim has caught thousands of smallmouth, and tested dozens of techniques and hundreds of lures.

Smallmouth bass have been Tim's passion for over 45 years and his full-time occupation for over 20 years. Holschlag is the author of "Stream Smallmouth Fishing," "Smallmouth Fly Fishing," co-author of "Smallmouth Strategies," and the creator and host of the new DVD "Stream Smallmouth Fishing: the Movie." He has written hundreds of smallmouth articles for many major fishing magazines. He instructs hundreds of anglers in his stream smallmouth schools, and is a popular speaker at fishing shows, stores, clubs and seminars.

For accurate and insightful smallmouth information, Tim Holschlag is the ultimate source.

What was similar to the fly rod manufacturer’s previous smallmouth bass fishing experiences was the ferocious struggle that bronzebacks put up when hooked.