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Foul Smelling Fishy Vaginal Odor

Something smell fishy…and it shouldn’t be. If you’ve got a foul smelling, fishy genital odor, there’s likely onemain culprit - . Fortunately, there are lots of ways that doctors can treat and diagnosethis buildup of bad bacteria in or around your vaginal. It used to be believed that one main bacteria (Gardnerellavaginitis) was to blame for that unpleasant, musty smell, however doctors now believe that a certain combination ofbacteria can cause bacterial vaginosis - even in women who are not sexually active.

Schneiderman said Caldwell and his crew removed approximately 57,000 pounds, or 28.5 tons of "dead, smelly fish from Shinnecock Bay beaches in three days over the weekend. That's a lot of fish."

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  • Smelly Fish's name and appearance is similar to Smellyfish, a Series 2 Trash Wheelie.
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    Fresh fish, crustaceans, shellfish, etc., smell lightly of the sea when they're first caught, but they should never smell distinctly fishy. Unless you have an amazing fishmonger, or caught the fish yourself, the week-old cod you're buying from the supermarket will most likely reek. What causes it to smell so bad, you ask?

    I would use the adjective "fishy," actually. The smell of fish is pretty universally known, and that's what we say. One can even say that other things smell fishy.